Cabin roof and a tidy cabin

It’s 27th April and the last of the cabin roof plywood was installed and epoxied yesterday and to celebrate we had a tidy up and took all the tools and other stuff home. Now I don’t need to cover the boat with tarpaulin any more – hooray.

The Genoa tracks are installed and sealed in place so we are waterproof ( I hope ). The port hull is now ready for priming and the starboard one is well on it’s way.

Bringing stuff back

Don’t you just love getting stuff out of storage and taking it back to the boat for installation? This lot was removed summer 2015.

Rye Boat Jumble 6th May

If you are near drop in. 50m from Anne Marie. See the project.

Replacement parts for the windlass

Thank you AR Peachment for sending the new parts for the Lofrans Tigres windlass.

A new side plate.

A new sight glass

A new rubber gasket for the motor cover

And a complete maintenance kit which includes all the seals and screws etc I need.

I only ordered them yesterday.

Update 16th of April 2018

The last couple of weeks have seen more painting and filling of holes internally. We have now finished as far as we can putting the external fittings on the boat. There are two still left which required a spot of bending and reshaping. I have been using tools I bought when I was 21 and these don’t get used very much but they are really useful when they do come out.

We have started to clean the bottom below the waterline ready for priming with international Primocon. It is a horrible job. The new paint will go on in the next couple of weeks and that will spruce the boat up tremendously. After that we will use international Micron extra 2 as anti-foul.

I am turning my attention to the main mast which requires some bolts being replaced, new wiring and LED lighting, cleaning, new running rigging and the replacement of the stays and shrouds.

I have also been dismantling the old Lofrans Tigres windlass and at last picked up the courage to drill out some bolts to remove a warped and cracked faceplate. A new one is on order.

Beware exhaust skin fittings

The engine exhaust exits the boat through a hole in the hull at the stern just above the waterline. It should be watertight for two reasons. One to stop exhaust fumes getting into the boat and gassing you and two to stop the boat from sinking!

I had noticed some time ago that the rubber of the exhaust skin fitting was cracked. It is pretty old. When I asked a Vetus rep (the manufacturer) at the Southampton Boat Show last year he suggested I should examine the fitting more closely.

I am glad I did as the crack on the outside hid a totally failed fixture. The exhaust inside the boat covered the cracked fitting so it looked fine until separated. The picture says it all.

Fittings day 3 – 5th April

A long day but we did well. Anne Marie looks more like a real yacht every day.

All stanchions in place.

Pulpit and bowsprit floor frame fixed.

Front four sets of chain plates positioned but not fixed as I need to manufacture new wooden spacers. I’ll explain more later.

Exhaust through hull removed to be replaced.

And a great surprise was a visit from Nick, one of the blog’s long-standing followers who wanted to see the project close up. Thanks for dropping by and it was great to meet you and show you around.