Lots planned for next couple of weeks

Tons of stuff going on apart from writing policies and procedures for the General Data Protection Regulations introduction in the Uk.

Family painting day on Saturday.

Masts going up on Wednesday.

Hull painting over following weekend.

Things to do between now and then:




Tidy up

Finish off masts with

new LED steaming lamp and

new Genoa halyard guide to be fitted before Wednesday.

Already fixed the NASA Clipper Wireless Wind sensor.

Re-wired the main mast with real tinned Marine cable.

Every day something gets done.

Captain’s log 20180515

Just about to order £600 of paint for top sides (sob). Going to keep the basic colour scheme the same ( white hull, dark blue stripe).

I have been painting interior with undercoat and finalising the hull below waterline for remaining anti fouling along with smoothing filled areas.

Added a couple more mast fittings.

Renovating the single action engine controls.

Anti fouling painting started

Yesterday Carrie got the first coat of anti- foul paint on and how bright Anne Marie looks.

We are using International Micron Extra 2 as it gives good protection for the English Channel area and you can delay putting the boat in the water for quite a few months after painting without reducing it’s effectiveness.

Hull primed

Thanks to Carrie and Ann the hull has had two coats of primer below the water line. From being blotchy red/black and blue it is now a shining silver with International Primocon.

The main cabin has received some primer too.

and the Ultraflex B85 single lever engine control is off ready for a service.

Rye Boat Jumble

It was a hot and sunny in Rye yesterday and there were a few people selling boat jumble including ourselves with sea dog in training.

It was great to meet people and I am sorry if you came along and missed us.

I am working on Anne Marie most days except Tuesday and Friday and would welcome visitors.

The hull is now ready port-side for primer below the water line and first coat going on Wednesday.

All unwanted holes now filled and new Blakes skin fittings ready for installation in those we need.

Onwards and upwards.

Cutless bearing

Well after a lot of huffing and puffing I have got the bearing in place.

I started with cooling it down to minus 18 in the freezer to shrink it although only succeeded in a small reduction. I then used an improvised puller to insert it having spread a liberal amount of Vaseline on it.

That got it about two-thirds inserted and so I resorted to the old approach – hit it with a big hammer- and if that doesn’t work use a bigger one.

I use a 14 pound (6kg) sledge hammer and with the help of someone else and using a big piece of wood as a dolly, I got it in.

Need to identify a manufacturer

Here is a photo of on of the sliders on Anne Marie’s Genoa track. I need to get some spare if possible but do not know the make. The equipment has a seagull logo. Does anyone know the answer?