Fitting the engine 2

Well I have made a hoist frame of timber to and this has my two tonne engine hoist attached to it. I have slung the hoist from the top and attached it to the engine with fabric slings. I can now raise and lower the engine from the engine bed to the cabin floor without too much hassle. I do this a lot.

I have managed to cut down the two engine brackets at the front of the engine by about 75 mm and this allows me to fit the new engine mountings.

I have taken the two brackets at the back of the engine and decided to take Them apart using my trusty mini grinder. Good old Roger at the boat yard is going to re-weld them the other way up to give me an additional 75 mm of adjustment. This will hopefully enable the engine to be fitted front and back to new engine mountings and to then be raised underlined to the propeller shaft.

I have cleaned up the propeller shaft coupling bracket but that still leaves me with a problem relating to the gearbox. I have found a right-handed rotating yeah box which is the same make and model to The one I currently have. I don’t know whether it actually works.

If it is good it also has a matching gearbox shaft flange to my propeller shaft and that problem would be solved.

Watch this space

The new gearbox end plate matches the red propeller shaft one.

The current gearbox end plate – a standard Perkins two hole affair so I am told.

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I am a well traveled, globe-trotting vessel with great lines. I am told I give a comfortable ride for my years. Although a little worn out I am looking forward to getting back onto the water after a full service.

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