new rigging has arrived

Anne Marie’s new standing rigging has arrived and very shiny it is too.

Thank you to Rigituk from Southampton for supplying it.

There are 22 individual stays & shrouds between 5 and 12 metres long and of various diameters.

Now all I need to do is refit the shroud plates and the two masts can go back up. Simple.

Painting fore cabin – requires response

Last week was varnishing deck beams and this week sees the start of interior painting (proper).  The question is “should I varnish the doors or paint them white to match?”

Answers / comments please

Ship’s wheel

While the weather has been cold I have been I have been inside. If I wasn’t varnishing the interior bits Anne Marie’s steering wheel was in need of a re-cover and last year we bought some new cord to wrap it in. Watch the video and see the transformation!

[wpvideo3BpFYbBL] or you can view it on You Tube – You Tube version

Back to work

Today is 5th February. It was snowing this morning. I have been varnishing the deck beams in the fore-cabin.

Blow heater is on and the boat is tolerably warm however ventilation is essential so ‘fresh’ is the word of the day.

This last month or so has been doing home stuff and occasional boat stuff. The main hatch is being repaired and a new slide section has been fabricated. The new rigging is ready ( not that the masts are). The rudder shaft has been fabricated and I just need to pick it up this week.

Lots of work to do to get Anne Marie ready for June. More pension drawdown required.

Bowsprits and surveys

Last couple of days have been cold in Rye. That doesn’t hold us back. Alan has been making ( or re-making) the old navigation table and working on the starboard quarter berth. He has also been renovating the teak trim around the cabin roof which looks wonderful.

Carrie and I have been cleaning up and fitting the bowsprit. This was a tight squeeze and I well recall the comments when we were fitting the deck at the bow. Access was very tight and arms are not long enough.

Lastly marine surveyor Chris has been giving Anne Marie the once over with his measuring stick. The hull is very strong so it seems and we have done well with our building so far. He will be back again for a full survey before launch!

How the deck changed

Over the months I have photographed and videoed work done to Anne Marie during this restoration.  Here is the video of the deck before, during and after..

A new deck from old

Cold, Sunny, full moon

5th November 2017 and Rye is looking lovely but it is chilly. 

Hope to be putting resin on roof even though temperature is in low teens, so I am starting early(for me). 

Lots of fireworks last night around us with full moon and clear skies. Now we have a large spring tide wetting the keel of Anne Marie. This time next June and it’ll be more than the bottom of her keel that is wet!