Heads and toilets

We are planning to be inshore friendly by fitting a holding tank for all the cr*p that exudes from the crew while in harbour or near the shore. 

Basically marine toilets have always been pumped directly overboard wherever you are. People are beginning to realise that this is adding some unsavoury elements to the seas in areas where people may be affected. By pumping into a holding tank you can either have the tank pumped out on shore or go sailing and pump out in deep water away from the crowds. 

Designing a tank is not easy as the hull curves in three dimensions and our tank is therefore not a simple cube. The tank will go on the outside wall/hull below the window. 

We are putting a proper shower int Anne Marie as well as the toilet so planning out the heads is an important step. This includes deciding where the inlet and outlets will go. 

A drawing will appear later.    


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Anne Marie (aka Mike Stephens)

I am a well traveled, globe-trotting vessel with great lines. I am told I give a comfortable ride for my years. Although a little worn out I am looking forward to getting back onto the water after a full service.

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