Original Sails

Now most yachts have sails.  Lovely white, clean and crisp.  Not Anne Marie.  Her sails have lost their beauty.

When we first bought her we found the sails all neatly folded and stored in the forward sail locker.  Well thought through by the owners or so we thought.  The trouble was that they were damp.  Well not so much damp as wet.  They had been sitting in water for 8 years!

The sail locker has one big disadvantage.  It is above the chain locker.  The water is not lovely and clean and fresh but rusty. There is no drain or limber hole and so all the water has accumulated and overflowed.

The sails are now rust coloured and mildewy.  I have tried cleaning them with lots of water, soap and by steeping in Oxalic Acid.  It helped but they remain stained.

New sails are on the agenda. £££££££!!

Published by

Anne Marie (aka Mike Stephens)

I am a well traveled, globe-trotting vessel with great lines. I am told I give a comfortable ride for my years. Although a little worn out I am looking forward to getting back onto the water after a full service.

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