Day 4 and 5

19th of March and another day stripping Anne-Marie. Today the steps into the cabin collapsed so that’s important job to repair her next few days but I’m going to do is to take the remaining headliners down in the main cabin and in the other cabins to see what secrets line belief.
Well the main cabin headliner has come down with signs are very heavy damp and indeed as rotten as is the ceiling about it attract come out in the through cabin on the port side headlinerhas come out and is very rotten hopefully the deck beams are in good condition but is lots of rot wet rot hidden away. 
It is clear that the main hatch has been leaking badly for a long time but it is also clear that there are leaks around the edge of the cabin roof and I’m going to find out about those when I start taking the trimming off from the outside later on this afternoon. 

I have now discovered the problem with the water ingress andit appears to come from the skin fittings are on the deck the water has got in through the deck fittings and has destroyed the balsawood core of the deck. 
What this means is that I have to cut the outside sandwich layer off remove the rotten balsawood call replace it and re-glass the deck simple.
Every time we pull something out I find something new and when we pull out rotten stuff the smell of wet rot and dry rot is really heavy so the saloon cupboards on the Port of got to be removed completely. Everything seems to be concentrated in the saloon on the port side at the moment and also on the rear. 
So today I’ve succeeded in removing the entire port side bunk and shelving units storage area mostly rotten mostly needs to be thrown away if that is all rotten it all mixed with runaway expose a very rotten bulkhead to the port side of the front of that and the seating support has collapsed which is a good thing the window demonstrator a degree of problems with the balsa call but the plywood facing seems to be coming off without too much trouble and maybe we’ll be able to salvage that if we lucky The plywood fascia to the front and Stabat panel seems to be good but the section to the rear on the port side especially is in very poor condition and will have to come out as well the section under the companionway.
Looks like we might have to demolish The area beside the navigation table which will be a great shame and I’ll try very hard not to but we’ll see as far as the decks are concerned I’ve decided we’re going to take the masts off and then be able to have a completely clear deck to be able to strip the old plastic teak deck off and see what we have in its place but I suspect that we will have a plywood deck with a pathetic little sheathing area and the solution will be to dry it out and then she’s the lot properly we will see

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Anne Marie (aka Mike Stephens)

I am a well traveled, globe-trotting vessel with great lines. I am told I give a comfortable ride for my years. Although a little worn out I am looking forward to getting back onto the water after a full service.

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