Front deck oh so nearly there

Well Carrie and I got all but the last panel in on Monday and today Ade and I were fitting the last sheet along with the side decks. 

We started by sealing the hull to deck joint along the back and right sides and then fitted the first of the right side panels. However the 40mm bolts that I had were 10mm too short so we just could not finish. Frustrating it is.

The new decks are really smooth as Rusty found out when he tried walking on them and nearly slipped off but fortunately I caught his collar and hauled him back. No Toe rails means there is nothing stopping you. 

Deck panels in place

Another red letter day. Two of the deck panels are in place with two more ready to put in tomorrow morning. What a way to celebrate son Chris’s 31st birthday. 

They have been screwed, glued, sealed and sanded. They are never coming off. 

Happy birthday Chris 

Hull/deck joint sealed

Hooray 3M5200 sealant all injected and bolted down. First reason for leaks is cured – we hope. 


You know how some people keep things ” just in case”. Well here is a great example of why such a philosophy is important. 

Many years ago I laid a new floor at cherry tree farm – one of those floating ones that are so the rage. I bought a pack of wedges to keep it in place as it is laid and then I put them in the garage convinced that one day they would be useful. 

Well here they are keeping the hull and deck apart while I clean out the roots and old rubbish that has gradually filled the gap and allowed the water to get in. Tomorrow the sealant goes in and the two parts are bolted together. 

I’ll put them back in the garage later.   Just in case. 

Galvanising the chain plates

Strictly speaking chain plates are fixed to the hull vertically and the shrouds are attached to them at deck level. In Anne Marie’s case the chain plates are fixed under the deck spreading the load from the shrouds to the deck and hull. Like most things in this boat time has caused damage. In this case rust due to salt water leaking through the deck. Still a little trip to Chatham and hey presto.  

via Galvanising the chain plates — Saving Anne Marie

Sea cocks!

There are six seacocks on the boat and I have just bought new ones. £770 ouch. But it’s worth it if we don’t sink. 

Why does the boat leak?

Great big gap for water to go in

That’s why. The joint between the cabin top and the hull is a) full of roots; b) full of holes from all those fittings, and c) lacking in essential sealant.

What to do?

Scrape it out. Squeeze in gunk. Bolt together. Fill all unnecessary holes. Fibreglass the joint properly. Spread more gunk. Place the new deck sections. Bolt them or screw them down. Put the Toe rail back ( after spreading more gunk). Put another layer of fibreglass resin over the whole thing. Get new posh “plastic teak planking” put on. Fix all the fittings all with lots of gunk.