New Facebook account

Anne Marie has her own Facebook account now. Although Facebook weren’t sure for a while what gender she is or indeed when her birthday is. Now they know she was born in 1977 and is female. This is of course her choice to make in advance of any changes in legislation in the UK.

2015-09-26 14.01.15

Refurbished front hatch

Thanks to Alan for making a new frame for the refurbished front hatch. Here it is in place although not fixed yet as I am mid-way through painting it. 

I got this in place so that the template for the deck would be correct. 

New deck

Today saw a major step forward in weather proofing the deck. The whole thing was templated for the laying of a plastic teak looking deck to be fitted at the end of august. 

A series of plastic sheets were fitted, cut and marked up to become the patterns over which the Tek Deck will be constructed. 

They will be taken back o the Worksop and laid out on the floor to create a picture of Ann Marie’s deck and cockpit layout. Watch out for the end of august when the end result is glued in place. 

A new Samson post

“A What?” I hear you ask.  A new one of these – the bit of wood sticking up right at the bow.

The one here was loose and rotten so I fashioned a new one from an oak post.


yeah well I am still learning.

Looking good and ready for heavy duty work.

13 July progress 

REAL improvements to report. The six side sections are all glued in place using 3M5200 sealant. And bolted down with loads of massive bolts through the deck sides. 


are (well Alan actually) repairing the rear toe rail which had rotted extensively. 

The deck is being filled, screw heads counter-sinked, and smoothed out to get a surface ready for the new decking. 

Onwards and upwards. 

The rudder is back (almost)

Here is Carrie holding up the rudder in its final location for me to see if I need to make adjustments. It’s heavy but she’s a strong woman. Big isn’t it?

The rudder shaft has to be replaced as it was, if you remember, severely bent. 

The next photo shows how close the rudder fits against the hull. The red line shows the rough position of the shaft. The blue line shows where I have to saw it off to enable me to fit it all in. I have to modify the shaft into two pieces because of the way it will be installed. All will become clear in time. 

2nd June 2017

The astute amongst you will have noticed that today is 2 June and no announcement of launching has been made and the boat is still sitting on the banks of the river rather awry.

As you might of guessed time has taken its toll and work on the boat has not progressed as quickly as it might but we have made great strides so what have we done recently?

All bar one of the toe rails have had two coats of boat paint on them making them look beautiful.

The bowsprit has been similarly treated and is looking excellent ready for its top coat. 

The lockers internally have been given another coat of build paint.
All the internal main cabin woodwork has been sanded down ready for a coat of paint.

The deck has had its final bow section installed and bonded down.

The deck has had its bow section installed and bonded down. It is now waiting for the last two sections to be placed and it will be complete and ready for the teak deck to go down.

The cockpit sole has been rebuilt and is ready for fitting.

The area around the Rudder where it goes through the hull has been ground down ready for treatment and repair.

A decision has been made to strip out the galley because behind it all we have discovered the timber is rotten. Hay ho!

We have manufactured two new angle irons to support the cockpit and one has been fitted.

It just keeps getting better. 

I have put the launch back full year so it is now 1 June 2018. 

That should do it.