Cockpit floor ready for decking

From this:

and this:

to this:

Getting there.


Is there going to be any of Anne Marie’s interior left?  Now the galley has gone to make way for a larger dining table and new quarter berth. 

Also now the engine is inside I am measuring for new engine mountings as of course the old ones don’t fit!  Unfortunately I am playing this by ear as I have no idea what I am doing! As usual. 

A trip to Portland Bill

Ahaar!  400 mile round trip to collect sails from Moatt Sails. Followed by a visit to MCP Marine of Emsworth to collect TekDek samples. 

Just one day but a combined cost of almost £10,000!

Internal carpentry back on

The front cabin is being reshape (again) to provide a five foot double bed, a dressing table, hanging space, shelves, cupboards and a sail locker. All in a 10ft by 9ft area. 

New Facebook account

Anne Marie has her own Facebook account now. Although Facebook weren’t sure for a while what gender she is or indeed when her birthday is. Now they know she was born in 1977 and is female. This is of course her choice to make in advance of any changes in legislation in the UK.

2015-09-26 14.01.15

Refurbished front hatch

Thanks to Alan for making a new frame for the refurbished front hatch. Here it is in place although not fixed yet as I am mid-way through painting it. 

I got this in place so that the template for the deck would be correct. 

New deck

Today saw a major step forward in weather proofing the deck. The whole thing was templated for the laying of a plastic teak looking deck to be fitted at the end of august. 

A series of plastic sheets were fitted, cut and marked up to become the patterns over which the Tek Deck will be constructed. 

They will be taken back o the Worksop and laid out on the floor to create a picture of Ann Marie’s deck and cockpit layout. Watch out for the end of august when the end result is glued in place. 

A new Samson post

“A What?” I hear you ask.  A new one of these – the bit of wood sticking up right at the bow.

The one here was loose and rotten so I fashioned a new one from an oak post.


yeah well I am still learning.

Looking good and ready for heavy duty work.

13 July progress 

REAL improvements to report. The six side sections are all glued in place using 3M5200 sealant. And bolted down with loads of massive bolts through the deck sides. 


are (well Alan actually) repairing the rear toe rail which had rotted extensively. 

The deck is being filled, screw heads counter-sinked, and smoothed out to get a surface ready for the new decking. 

Onwards and upwards. 

4th May update

It’s been a busy few weeks on the yacht repair.  Apart from taking four days out with Carrie and Chris and others to strip the tiled roof of an old 1930’s bungalow we have:

  1. Replaced samson post at the bow.

2. Removed and made up new foredeck pieces

3. Removed steering gear and found rotten cockpit floor.

4. Got new angle iron beams made up for cockpit floor

5. Had the steering pedestal shot blasted and started to fill/repair it

6. Dismantled cooker but decided to replace it rather than repair.

7. Made up new halyards and topping lift for Mizzen mast.

8. Made up new cockpit floor

9. Started to prepare deck for new surface (TEK DEK)

10. Had forehatch repaired and glass replaced

11. Removed final sections of toe-rail as well as bow-sprit.  All sanded down and ready for new Coelan paint system

12. Repainted the engine compartment and bilges