Her wardrobe

Anne Marie’s wardrobe consists of seven sails. All are covered in rust stains from sitting in a wet sail locker flooded with rusty water from the chain locker. The spinnaker has a couple of tears. The sail shanks are plastic or bronze. The bronze ones are stiff and covered with salt. Some are missing as are some of the battens. As we haven’t been given a spinnaker boom then that doesn’t matter. It was left at the Granada Yacht Club in 2007 or thereabouts- got in the way!

So what to do? A new suit will be a packet so help needed with cleaning rust off white sails. Any ideas out there?

Her sheets have all been scrubbed up and look good although some are missing and some replacing. 

Start stripping

removing cushions – soaking wet, wet rot, stained and disgusting.  All sumps and drawers full of water so baled out fully. It takes a lot to bale out a 35ft yacht. How do you stop rain getting in?

Took down the headliner in the main cabin. Found two large slugs between headliner and roof with loads of orange eggs. Kept everything as template for eventual replacement. Still Anne Marie looks better.

Picked up gearbox but not engine along with sails. Sails wet and stained with rust. A real challenge. 

Finding Anne Marie

Last Wednesday we became the new owners of Anne Marie, an Endurance 35 sailing yacht, lying in Rye, Sussex. 

We will save her and reunite her with the sea she yearns for.  She has no engine, her insides are rotting from too much fresh water and she needs loads of TLC.  She has been out of the water leaning against a concrete flood defence wall for over four years and not used for at least six. However already we love her and will see her in full working order.  Me?  I think 2 years.  Carrie thinks one.